Don't Start Without A Solid Plan for your next TECH Project

july 11, 2018

Having a simple, clear vision for an IT project is the first step in creating a successful plan. But, planning a perfect roadmap for your project can be anything but simple. Ascension Strategies provides support for your company, from tech project planning, to implementation, and even budgeting.Below is our step-by-step guide to planning your next tech project.



1. We always start with the obvious: are we ready to do this?

The business process for developing and executing an IT project can seem intimidating at first, but breaking it down into the following categories can have a great impact on getting started:

  • Determine the scope of the IT project
  • Know whether or not you have management buy in
  • Define who needs to be on the project team
  • Establish who your customer is
  • Ask whether or not ROI is important
  • Determine if there are any process changes
  • Decide if there are any "new" features or functions
  • Awareness & Training
  • Data Integrity
  • Reporting & KPI's

And finally,

  • Is the project done when we go live?

2. Once your business process is in order it's time for the Technical Plan.

Ascension Strategies aims to make the roadmap to completing your technical plan seamless and efficient. Making sure that our clients have the correct IT resources for the technical plan is the next step in creating a proper plan. You need the following:

  • Company Staff
  • Outside Expert[s]
  • Development Server[s]
  • Test Server[s]
  • Production Server[s]
  • Software

3. Now you can move onto the Pre-Planning process of your IT project.

You've established that your company is ready, and have all of the correct IT resources in place for a successful plan. Now, Ascension Strategies helps to develop your IT project, ensuring the following takes place:

  • Identify all system components and project scope
  • Perform data integrity review and assessment
  • Develop and document system infrastructure design
  • Develop and document current application configuration and design
  • Identify specific tasks required to successfully complete the upgrade and finalize the project plan

4. Once pre-planning is complete, you can Upgrade your product and utilize Change Management.

Actually completing your IT project happens after pre-planning. From upgrades to change management, Ascension Strategies helps with everything from data migration to the production go-live support:

  • Conduct Upgrade
  • Data Migration
  • Business Processes
  • Customizations
  • Convert Reports
  • Technical Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Environment Install
  • Production Go-Live Support

5. The final step of your IT Plan: Post Installation.

One of the most important aspects of completing your IT project is finishing with Post Installation. The following checklist is utilized on all Ascension Strategy clients to ensure success from beginning to end:

  • Test
  • Document
  • Archive Project Plan
  • User Training & Awareness
  • Benchmark
  • Talk to the end users and customers

After decades of experience we are confident in saying supporting your business processes should always come first. Every one of our clients is a valued partner where we employ a collaborative approach to implement and support Maximo from a Best Practices approach, utilizing Maximo's extensive features and functionality to tailor, configure, and deploy Maximo to meet your specific and unique business needs.

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